Becoming Extremely International with ‘Team Farang’

Becoming Extremely International with ‘Team Farang’
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When talking about extreme sports, most people think of them as daring and thrilling, like motocross bike riding, roller skating, parachuting, etc. And if we were to talk about ‘Freerunning’ or ‘Parkour’, only a few people would know about them.


The meaning of ‘Freerunning’ is to jump over, run, and climb by making use of  daring maneuvers and somersaults. As for ‘Parkour’, it focuses more on rapid and agile movement. Both ‘Freerunning’ and ‘Parkour’ are entirely made up of undefined movements depending on the person’s specialty. To understand more, take a look at this video.

Know Team Farang

Team Farang — the beginning of this extreme team originated in Thailand. Today, it has garnered fame far across Asia, Europe and North America along with its clothing business that has also literally expanded in leaps and bounds!

Arin Swangswai, one of Team Farang’s business partners, talks about the starting point of it all.


“Team Farang was established in 2011, starting with a group of friends from multiple countries that love free running, travelling, and making cool videos. We all like to inspire others and we like similar things. Every year we would meet in Thailand to practice, travel, and film videos together. The name Team Farang came from the fans who follow us on the internet. Currently, Team Farang consists of 6 members. We are athletes who mix art with strength. We are all-in-one creators and performers. We create results without right or wrong, but in the style of the individual, so no one can imitate them. This is the charm that has made the fans around the world admire, accept, and follow us. We have further expanded by passing on Team Farang’s fashion taste into a range of clothes, shoes, caps, and accessories that reflect our lifestyle in a wearable way.” 

‘Freerunning’ and ‘Parkour’ are very popular sports in Europe and North America, and Team Farang, with the talent and the clear passion they have, has become widely accepted. Therefore it’s now easy for them to open up a market in countries around Asia. They were also able to expand the fanbase, customer groups, and build their own community. At the same time, ‘Freerunning’ and ‘Parkour’ became more known around the world, including Asian countries such as China. They really grow simultaneously with the market.


DHL, the vital logistics helper

“DHL satisfies us greatly in dealing with all the Customs Procedures in each destination country, as they all have different regulations. DHL staff are true professionals and have the expertise, so we don’t have to worry about the logistics and we also get time to fully manage other aspects of the business, especially in Thailand. I’m very impressed with the service of the DHL staff because they are attentive and take close care of us. They give us advice and can fix a situation in a timely manner. They deliver fast and on time. Our customers can also track their packages and view delivery status as DHL has a service called ‘On Demand Delivery’, where the customer at the destination can customize the place, date, and time of the delivery at their preferred option, if they’re not at home. This gives our customers convenience and we’ve received many compliments  through this system. Before DHL, we used the services of other transportation companies, many of which lost the products and had inadequate service. Others had good service, but it came at a high cost. I think DHL is the best choice for someone who owns an e-commerce business because they are the most professional in the world of logistics.” said Arin about her impressions of DHL.

Become extremely international

The most popular products of Team Farang would be ponchos, t-shirts, and caps. Recently, they’ve been working on introducing a new collection which involves shoes and this collection should be out before the end of the year. They are also planning to arrange a tour to meet fans. In America, Team Farang has expanded the business by 20% since last year. That’s a pretty ‘extreme’ rate. Fans of this type of extreme sport are in the niche market, but if they are able to ‘reach’ this target group this closely, you could probably say they have become truly international. Follow Team Farang and see all the collections of Team Farang on www.teamfarang.com.

Take a lesson from the success story of Team Farang

Where there’s Passion, there’s a way

The success of Team Farang is not temporary, due to their strong base and powerful determination. Their love, faith, and steady regular training as sport professionals is distinct to their DNA and no one can imitate it.

Please your target

Be clear as to who you’re doing it for and know well what you need to do to provide a good experience to this group of customers. For Team Farang, their goal is not only to have people who watch their performance, applaud them, or have customers buy their clothes. We believe Team Farang will continue to be the leader of extreme sports, with the most tightly-knit community around the world, without doubt.

Endless boundaries

Do not limit your capabilities with the words ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘It’s too hard’. To have a network of freerunning athletes around world, Team Farang is proof that we can still find people who are in love with extreme sports. And do not forget to choose a skillful logistics partner like DHL that you can trust to support your success with the same passion.

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