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Mobile commerce will account for roughly three-quarters of worldwide e-commerce revenues this year. Simply put, if your brand does not adopt a mobile-first strategy, you will be missing out on millions of prospective consumers. So, where do you start? Continue reading for some helpful hints on how to make your website mobile-friendly.


DHL Express, the world’s leading international express pick-up and delivery services provider, is here to support where you need to help your small, medium or large business keep up with the latest mobile commerce trends and prepare to increase your sales!


The power of M-commerce


Mobile commerce (or m-commerce) is the purchasing and selling of products and services using wireless portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.

When you learn that the average adult spends 3.3 hours a day on mobile devices, splitting that time between swiping, liking, tweeting and shopping, it’s pretty clear why your store needs to be ready for mobile. If it’s not enough, discover more below.


·       There are 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world today.

·       This year (2021), it’s forecast to rake in some US$3.56 trillion, making up almost three quarters of total e-commerce sales worldwide.

·       This year, 72.9% of global e-commerce sales will come from mobile.

·       By 2022, the three largest m-commerce markets in the world are forecast to be China (US$1.18trn), the US (US$0.36trn), and the UK (US$0.115trn).


Who are your potential customers?


Guess who prefers to shop on mobile over any other platform? Millennials and Gen Z each represent 27%, followed by Gen X (18%) and Boomers (5%). The rest account for 5%.


Gen Z are those born between 1996 and 2010. In 2019, they became the largest generation, constituting 32% of the global population.


They are the first genuinely mobile generation, having never lived without access to the internet. This group uses their mobile devices for purchasing twice as much as millennials do, and they convert roughly twice as much as any other demographic.


While their purchasing power is limited, brand loyalty is generally established in a shopper's early twenties, making it advantageous to convert them while they are still impressionable. It's crucial to remember that Gen Zers dislike being bombarded with messages. They expect their marketing to be seamlessly interwoven with their Instagram since they live in a world of ad-free entertainment like Netflix.


On the other hand, only 5% of baby boomers are willing to purchase on their phones. While this indicates reluctance to technological advances, it also presents a development potential if addressed appropriately. There's a large market of customers to get into, whether it's giving mobile-only incentives, reassuring customers about safety and security, or addressing customers' worries about convenience.



Is your e-commerce site optimized for mobile?


The message is clear: if your e-commerce website isn't mobile-friendly, you're likely to lose a big chunk of your business. Consumers expect a smooth mobile commerce shopping experience, with the ability to complete purchases – including payment – in a few taps. If they can't, they'll ditch their shopping carts.


Here’s the checklist for your e-commerce site enhancement:

·       Fast loading speed

·       User-friendly navigation

·       Important information at the top - users will only scroll if you grab their interest here

·       Use mobile accordions (like drop-down menus) to conserve space

·       Larger font and button sizes

·       Remove excess plugins and pop ups

·       Keep forms to a minimum

·       Auto-fill form fields like address entry


And don’t’ forget checkout!


You should know the top three reasons online shoppers have abandoned their shopping carts during checkout:

1.     Extra costs (e.g. tax)

2.     Account creation required

3.     Slow delivery


Checkout optimization can increase conversions by 35.6% and here’s the checklist to increase checkout experience for your customers.


·       Be transparent and clear about costs early in the purchasing journey and consider if you can absorb costs such as taxes into the price of the product

·       Offer ‘Guest’ checkout so users don’t have to register

·       Offer fast and flexible delivery options including Express and international shipping

·       Offer a wide range of payment options, such as digital wallets and PayPal



Social media

Social media and mobile goes hand in hand, and with many of the leading platforms offering in-app purchases, it’s important to be in this space. The top three social networks worldwide, ranked by number of active users are Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp.


Here are the customer insights after following a brand on social media:

·       91% of people will visit the brand’s website or app

·       89% will buy from the brand

·       85% will recommend the brand to a family or friend


Be sure to tag products on Instagram, incorporate buyable pins on Pinterest and consider opening a Facebook shop if you think the demand is there. If your customers are based in China, you should not overlook WeChat. But if your customers are in Sub-Saharan Africa, you should consider using payments options, such as M-Pesa, Paga and Verve.


Digital Intelligence research found that the kind of products that sell via word of mouth are the products that sell best on Facebook. These include ‘interest’ categories like beauty, fashion and sports; ‘service’ categories like financial services, telecoms and travel services; and ‘high price’ categories like computers, vacations and cars.


Final tips!

Remember to continually test your site and gather user feedback so that you can optimize the user experience and increase your conversion rate. Stay tuned for more useful information and global market insights from DHL Express. Think of international express couriers, think of DHL Express! We’re happy to assist your international shipments, covering 220 destinations worldwide.


If you’re new to DHL Express, you can still ship internationally with us using one of the three touchpoints below.

1.     Ship internationally by dropping your parcels or documents at our DHL Express ServicePoint or find the ServicePoint locations near you.

2.     Book your international shipment in our online portal at 

3.     Call our Customer Service at 02-345-5000 (24 hours)


DHL Express Thailand is committed to providing logistics assistance to individual and business customers of all sizes and drive global trade. If you have regular shipments every month, click for more details about membership privileges or follow us on Facebook.

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