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DHL Express introduces new e-payment option via QR code for non-account customers.

DHL Express introduces new e-payment option via QR code for non-account customers.
อัพเดทล่าสุด : 25/06/2021 - 13:48:19


DHL Express Thailand has recently added a new e-payment option through QR code for non-account customers. Customers can settle their international shipment payment upon courier pick-up or at the ServicePoint or pay duty collection upon delivery. This e-payment method is carried out in three simple steps: Scan > Pay > Success. It is fast, contactless and cashless for better shipping experience in a digital world.


While online payment is strongly encouraged, we are introducing an additional on-route e-payment option through QR code generated by our couriers or agents when they drop by for their shipment pick-up or delivery. The e-payment solution is now available in Thailand. 





This QR payment option is available for the following non-account customers.

  • Customers booking international shipment through 24-hour customer service (02-345-5000)
  • Walk-in customers making international shipments at DHL Express ServicePoint
  • Customers importing shipments into Thailand with duty collection



How the QR payment works?


Our couriers will generate a QR code on their handheld device and will present the QR code to the customer. Customers can scan the QR using their preferred mobile banking, review the payment and confirm. The payment status will be updated in the courier’s handheld device instantly. In summary, the process is simple and quick within three steps: Scan à Pay à Success. Fast, contactless and cashless!



Frequently asked questions



1.     Is the QR payment secure?

Answer: The payment is secure and follows security protocols to ensure that your financial transactions are safe and secure. Multi-level security measures are followed, instead of manual payment.


2.     Why should I use QR payment instead of cash?

Answer: QR payment enables easier tracking of all transactions made in real-time and keeps a digital record of it. It is also safer as the courier person won’t have to carry any cash, should any mishaps happen.


3.     Why do I need to pay by QR?

Answer: You need a smartphone with mobile banking application registered with your bank account. In addition, you need a secure Internet connection.


4. Why can’t my E-Payment go through?

Answer: It may be due to a number of reasons:

 ·       Mobile banking has insufficient balance

·       No internet or poor connection

·       Authorization not provided (PIN or TAC)

·       The OTP (one-time-password) entered was incorrect.

·       If the problem still persists, you can still pay with cash.


5. Can I get a receipt for the payment made?

Answer: All transactions/payments will be issued a receipt within normal standard channel. Customers making international shipments will receive a receipt from DHL Express courier/ agent. Customers paying duties will receive a receipt through an electronic channel.


6. Will my particulars be stored in DHL’s system?

Answer: Each transaction has a unique QR code that is dynamic and refreshes every 5 minutes. Therefore, no particulars are saved within the DHL system.


7. Are there any additional service fees/charges for using this QR payment service?

Answer: At the moment, there are no additional service charges for using this service


8. What currencies does QR payment support?

Answer: Currently, QR payment supports local Thai Baht currency.



At DHL Express, we are your international express logistics partner and continuously focuses on improving shipment pickup and delivery process for in any export or import activities. By investing in comprehensive billing solutions and implementing efficient strategies, we ensure to deliver an excellent job in terms of shipping capabilities and a secured payment system to our customers.



DHL Express. Excellence. Simply Delivered.


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