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MYDHL+ the intuitive platform for easy cross-border shipping experience

MYDHL+ the intuitive platform for easy cross-border shipping experience
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Forget all the complications you might have had when booking online for international shipping. DHL Express, the world leader in express courier delivery services, recently introduced MyDHL+, the new intuitive platform designed to make your shipping easier. Whether you’re new to DHL Express or a returning customer, you can check price, book, and track online easily with one click at


MyDHL+ is all about fewer steps and greater functionality; integrating all of your most important online shipping services into one incredibly powerful tool. You can use it even without a DHL account. The new platform will allow you to import, export, track shipments and schedule pickups anywhere, anytime.


Cross-border businesses owners enjoy using MyDHL+, the intuitive platform by DHL Express for easy

international shipping, export and import experience connecting Thailand and worldwide.


Let’s see what benefits MyDHL+ has to offer. 

     Easy, get instant export and import quotes

     Fast, book international express door-to-door service online

     Convenient. No membership required.

     Secure, pay online with credit card or debit card

     Real time shipping tracking


There are some reasons why MyDHL+ is simply superior to other online booking platforms.

1. Simply Intuitive
Our new shipping tool has been designed with an intelligent, streamlined interface that learns about your needs as you use it. MyDHL+ is always one step ahead with predictive address entry and real-time error correction – which minimises problems down the line.


2. Simply Flexible
You can access services including shipping, tracking, pickup scheduling, and billing all in one place without a DHL account. Whether you are an online seller shipping products to overseas clients, importer seeking reliable shipping assistant, or doing both ways, MyDHL+ allows you to switch between importing and exporting with just one click.


3. Simply Transparent
Viewing and tracking your shipments has never been so easy. MyDHL+ has been engineered to give you accurate estimates of all duties, taxes and costs before you ship. Keep your customers and clients up to date with personalised notifications from your own email. This will help to build trust among customers and also nail your brand’s image.


4. Simply Efficient
Your time is valuable, so MyDHL+ was built with that in mind, and your dashboard is fully customisable so you can get to where you need to be faster.


To ensure that you will get smooth shipping experience, DHL Express also keens on other details such as packing. We have provided free packages and flyers which are varied depending upon the type of item being shipped. For example, non-fragile clothes can be shipped in a sealed plastic flyer bag or single wall cardboard box while high-priced fragile items can be individually packed within stronger dual wall box, ensuring a safety and worried-free shipment during long journey.


Click here to download DHL Packing Guide. 


Small businesses enjoy DHL Express international shipping services. New member in 2021, receive 2,000 THB discount

for international shipping services with DHL Express from Thailand to 220 countries worldwide


If you are selling cross-border or in import-export business, we recommend you to open a DHL Express account to get more privileges from shipping with us, part of which includes access to all features on MyDHL+. Special promotion for DHL Express new account as of year 2021, get 1,000 THB discount coupon for international shipping with DHL Express after opening account successfully. Click HERE to learn more.


MyDHL+ makes international shipping simple, by allowing you to ship your way, on your time, and always on your terms. Because at DHL, our goal is to provide Excellence. Simply delivered. Start shipping now, go to


DHL Express is the world’s leader in express courier delivery services. We provide convenient door-to-door pick-up and delivery services to over 220 countries and territories. With team staff onsite to provide professional assistance around the globe, our expertise in customs formalities, and over 50 years of professional experience in international shipping business, you can be confident that each and every single of your shipment will arrive your destination quickly, smoothly, and safely.


DHL Express. Excellence. Simply delivered.




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