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Prepare your E-commerce business for Black Friday with DHL Express and easy tips for international shipping rate check

Prepare your E-commerce business for Black Friday with DHL Express and easy tips for international shipping rate check
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Prepare your E-commerce business for Black Friday
and easy tip for international shipping rate check with DHL Express

Black Friday is a colloquial term for the Friday following Thanksgiving day and it is around the corner. This year, Black Friday will be celebrated on November 26. It’s only the beginning of the festive season, when retailers will offer discounts to entice customers from all over the world and the international shipping will be at its peak.


Black Friday 2020 was a huge success. Despite the pandemic and store closures, shoppers spent US$9 billion on the Internet, a 21% increase over the previous year, making it the greatest single day for e-commerce sales up to that date.


Sales are expected to be considerably higher on Black Friday 2021. However, the total cart abandonment rate on Black Friday last year was 76.63%. Customers who are dissatisfied with any aspect of their buying experience, whether it’s a slow-loading checkout page or an unexpected shipping charge, have no qualms about abandoning their orders. You’ll need to raise your E-commerce game if you want to take advantage of every selling opportunity on Black Friday – and remain ahead of the competition. Continue reading for our best advice and how to check for international shipping rate with DHL Express.


Improve your e-commerce website

It's time to give your website a brief health check ahead of the rush to guarantee it will satisfy customer expectations. Is it capable of handling a spike in traffic without decreasing the page's loading speed? Is it easy to navigate and use, with a good search bar to assist customer locate what they're searching for? Are the product pages well-designed, with many photographs and details? There's a lot to think about. Ensure to refer to E-commerce website checklist to check off the essentials. 


Spread the word about Black Friday 

Do you have a Black Friday flash sale going on? Great! Now all you have to do is inform all of your consumers. Use social media, SMS, and email to spread the news. And here's a pro tip for the latter: email campaigns containing "$ off" messaging have the greatest conversion rate (14.8%), so be sure to emphasize the price savings you're giving, even in the subject line.


Reward your loyal customers…

Set up an email marketing campaign to provide customers who have already purchased from you special Black Friday discount vouchers. Thank them for their support with interesting copy. Customers like personal notes with touching message, and this will make them feel appreciated. For new customers, create a connection with them that may lead to them purchasing from you again in the future. Include incentives to entice them to join your mailing list so you can keep in touch and send them new product releases or specials in the future.


Never forget mobile

7 out of 10 online shopping sessions on Black Friday 2020 took place on mobile, so now is the time to make sure your e-commerce website is mobile-friendly. Thankfully, we have a dedicated guide to mobile commerce – small screen, big sales. Catch this trend to make your brand easily noticeable from customers around the world.


Not to miss checkout features

Did you know that if delivery isn't free or fast enough, 91% of buyers would abandon a website? Consider whether you can recoup the cost of free delivery somewhere else in your company - it'll be worthwhile if it results in more sales. Remember to provide options of express delivery and payments at checkout throughout your Black Friday preparations.



International shipping – now or never

Currently, it's believed that 50-60% of the world's 195 nations "celebrate" Black Friday in some way or another, so now is the perfect time to consider shipping overseas as part of your e-commerce selling strategy if you haven't previously. DHL Express can assist you in selling cross-border, handling all customs regulations, tariffs, and taxes so that your consumers receive their purchases quickly.


Be ready for E-commerce returns

Return rates for e-commerce are over 30% worldwide, so you're certain to get some, no matter how good your product is. Make sure you have a solid return policy in place and that it is clearly stated on your website because 67% of customers look into a company's return policy before making a purchase,


Finally, the excitement doesn't end after Black Friday. There's also Cyber Monday and Christmas to come. This is just the beginning to the peak season for your E-commerce business. Let the fun begin!


Need to ship something overseas? Look for professional support from DHL Express! We offer door-to-door express delivery services to over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Get international shipping quotes in a few steps by following the instructions below.


How to check estimated international shipping rate with DHL Express

1.     Visit MyDHL+ platform at

2.     Fill in the country of origin and destination country.

3.     Select type of shipment; document or parcel

4.     Fill in dimensions of shipment. You will find your estimated shipment rate for service at different channels; through MyDHL+, through Customer Service’s hotline, or drop-off at DHL Express Service Point near you!


Note that the prices offered are the estimated only. For more information, contact our customer service agents at Live Chat at the bottom right button, on Monday to Friday, 08.00-17.00 hr. or call DHL Express customer service at 02-345-5000 (24 hours) and let our agents assist you. 

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