Thai mobile phone case BEZ: starting from scratch to top Amazon seller in Europe

Thai mobile phone case BEZ: starting from scratch to top Amazon seller in Europe
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Within the great ocean of online trade, generating a huge amount of cash flow, BEZ is one of the many SMEs entrepreneurs that remains in business. Not only keeping its existence in business, this Thai mobile phone case and IT equipment label continues to admirably occupy the market shares from customers around the world, especially in Europe.


From "secondhand books" to the "mobile phone cases" brand

"Mr. Surachet Boonariya", the owner of the BEZ brand, discovered and impressed with the power of the Internet for the first time when trying to sell second-hand books on eBay. Just a few seconds, it was sold out at a price of up to USD50. When returning to Thailand, he and his wife, "Samon Suthidachanai", turned to focus on products of mobile phone cases which are small, light-weight, strong, easy to deliver with cheap price and suitable for online sales. At the beginning, both of them were looking for products in Sampeng market, to be sold on eBay but the sales did not work due to lack of prominence. Moreover, there are many similar products in the market. After trying to differentiate, he got an idea. It was handmade mobile phone case featured with unique style decoration called "TheBlingz". This started to be sold on eBay again in 2010.


How to start selling to reach customers’ needs?

Mr. Surachet said, "We designed a lot of mobile phone cases, but the most beautiful design in our opinion turned out to be not very popular, meanwhile the ugly one was the first piece sold out quickly."

After learning from the real experience and realizing the importantance of data, which is more reliable than personal preference, they began to study the needs of customers to develop the design and improve products. With this, the sales became greater success.

"The numbers are always correct," said Mr. Surachet.

After doing the export business for a while, Mr. Surachet revamped the brand and renamed it BEZ or "be easy". In 2017, this Thai brand became specializing in the production of mobile phone cases made of synthetic leather, with starting online price at EUR4.50 per piece. In addition, there are many interesting products such as adapters, chargers and travel accessories.


To ship your goods abroad, you need logistics partner

Online international market is the main target of BEZ. Presently, this brand reaches a lot of customers in Europe, including England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Such success in the past year, BEZ decided to bring their own products back to the online market in Thailand.

"Product selling overseas from the beginning makes our BEZ brand more reliable in the Thai market," said Mr. Surachet.

The key success of BEZ, starting from stepping of a partner, like DHL Express, the world's leading international express delivery, who provides consultancy for the business plan at the beginning of business, it also provides express delivery from BEZ to the customers with speed and quality.

"DHL Express involves in every step of our business. We were impressed with DHL Express from the very first moment that DHL Express walked us to success since we were a new SME player. We believe that anyone can partner with this global brand of such international express delivery expertise like DHL Express, "said Mr. Surachet.

At the beginning of the business, BEZ didn’t have its own office. The first conversation between DHL Express and BEZ took place on the dining table. This emphasizes the impression of the first day travel of a small export business, who has found a logistics partner that understands the challenges of SMEs. Until today, Bez products are accepted by buyers in Europe.

"Not only we choose DHL Express, but DHL Express chose us as well. It was a mutual commitment to grow together. From the beginning, DHL Express assists us in packaging process because we have to pack the product by hand with only 10-20 orders per day. Today, we have more than a thousand orders every day, DHL Express still offers additional services to help support our business, "said Mrs. Samon.

"The supporting tool of product selling in e-commerce must be well-prepared perfectly including the customer service team and shipping’s transit time, because the faster you can ship, the better for your business. If you know what you're selling but can't manage the shipping, this will worsen your business in the future. Therefore, partners in express delivery are important," said Mr. Surachet.

Today, DHL Express is a long-time logistics partner for BEZ, playing a big role in shipping more than 1,400 pieces worldwide daily. The success of the BEZ brand has been ranked at one of the top 300 of e-tailers product list in the Amazon UK website and it is expected to step into the first top 100 list within a few years.


BEZ's quick tip for selling online products successfully in the international market.

1. Product quality

2. Quick delivery creating impression and confidence

3. Pay attention to service from before to after sales service

4. Data collection for developing business expansion plans


Mr. Surachet and Mrs. Samon are good examples of starting a SMEs business and have succeeded in expanding their business bases overseas. In addition, apart from quality of products, logistics partner, who understand SMEs, including services supporting business plans and impressive after-sales service, also helps promote SMEs to reach and dominate customers around the world successfully and longer.


DHL Express, the leader in international express delivery, is willing to support Thai SMEs to start from the first step to world success. Follow the tips and good materials that will help you extend your business reach and attract foreign customers at www.DHLtoyou.com or at the Facebook page DHL Express Thailand  ขนส่งด่วนระหว่างประเทศ.


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