Frequently asked questions

DHL Express gives priority to service and answers to all the needs of customers. To provide the best service for all time, we have put together the frequently asked questions here to give initial answer. Any additional questions, please contact DHL Express Customer Relation Department 24 hours a day at Tel. 02-345-5000. 

  • Getting Started


  • How can I pay DHL?

    If you are regular customer, it is recommended that you opened DHL member account so that you can pay for service on monthly basis with special discount. But if you are not regular shipper, service can be paid by cash or credit card.


  • Do I have to pay tax for the goods purchased online? Why wasn’t it included in the shipping cost?

    Internet purchases do not include tariff in the first place. The purchaser will have to pay import tax which Custom Department will appropriately calculate the price. DHL Express will pay the custom tax on arrival at the country for convenience. DHL will deliver the shipment to you only after you pay the said full tax to DHL.


  • Our company wants to export goods to some countries but we have no experience to do the export. Will DHL give us advice?

    DHL Express specializes in international express logistics in over 220 countries. With pleasure, we can give advice to the export starter. Please contact DHL Express Customer Relation Department 24 hours a day at Tel. 02-345-5000.


  • If I buy goods from foreign vendor using DHL shipping service, do I have to pay import tax for my purchase?

    You will have to clearly understand the seller. This case depends on product type, value of goods, label that the seller arranges for customs clearance and the country you import. If the customs require tax, DHL Express will pay taxes in advance no matter how you are advised to pay the tax and whether or not you accept the shipment.


  • How big Is the parcel I can ship?

    For quick delivery, DHL Express recommends that your parcel should not be longer than 120 centimeter and weight not over 300 kg./one waybill. If the length and weight of your parcel exceeds the above-mentioned, please inform DHL Express officer for advice on shipping big parcels.


  • If parcel delivered by DHL Express does not arrive at destination as scheduled or is damaged, what is DHL’s measure?

    If the delivery is delayed or damaged, contact DHL service center as soon as possible with your package details, to file a complaint with the authority and carry out an investigation. Warranty and compensation are subject to DHL Express Terms and Condition. For more information, call DHL Express Customer Relation 24 hours a day at Tel. 02-345-5000.